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We are witnessing the re-birth of an absolutely awesome trend ‘neon’ or ‘glow hair in the dark’. So, our question is, do you like to be the center of attention? Then it’s time to join the fashion trend that will allow you to literally shine at any party! Hair glowing in neon light will surely grab your attention. Glowing neon hair is the latest absolute trend that no one really knew they needed until they saw it.

The funny thing about glow-in-the-dark hair is that it can look great in all the lights. As trends naturally evolve, it makes sense for glow-in-the-dark neon hair to be the next big and bold thing because rainbow hair is still on-trend.

Below, you’ll find some great examples that will surely inspire you to try neon spray yourself. Don’t go in the shadows, go for it! And we will tell you everything in detail.

Shine Out Loud, With These Glowing Neon Hair

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Glowing Hair

A new painting concept was developed by the world-famous stylist Guy Tang. He tried to use neon dyes and got an unimaginable result – the hair flashed with all the colors of the rainbow! Now you can stay visible everywhere!

Secretly, the glowing hair was in the trend back in the 70s, when Manic Panic launched the first neon hair dyes. So it is difficult to call Guy a discoverer. But we’re not picky!

Gaius called the bright coloring “phoenix hair” and the trend was called “glow in the dark”. The stylist uses the dye Kenra Color, from the Manic Panic collection, but his idea was picked up by many other manufacturers, so you can choose any brand of neon paints! By the way, as recommended by the inventor himself, before applying neon dye for a lasting effect is best to lighten the hair a little bit. But why spoil the curls when you can use washable products?

Learning Is Light, Not Learning Is Darkness

As we have already said, now there are many manufacturers who delight girls with neon dyes. We have selected the best and most popular of them:

1. Manic Panic Hair Color Cream.

2. Splat Glows hair color.

3. Iglow Hair Gel.

4. UV Hair Color Rinse.

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Before you start staining yourself, think twice. Maybe he will contact a specialist? But, if you are determined, then arm yourself with gloves, do not forget to conduct the test for allergies and forward.

Experts advise carefully combing your hair before the procedure and meticulously following all the recommendations on the package. Do not try to immediately paint the curls in a variety of colors, first practice on one shade.

Let’s see how Guy Tang does it! Watch the details in the video!

It’s important that your hair shines at the disco, it must first be exposed to daylight. The only exception is “Iglow Hair Gel”, so you can light it right away with this gel!

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Glow In The Dark: Luminous Stripes

Not willing to take any chances? Do not give up your desire to surprise! Especially for you, there are strands of light in the dark on your hairpins. With their help, you can also create masterpieces on your head!

Luminous Hair: Become A Light Source

Have you thought of an image for the party yet? And we decided to give you more ideas for inspiration!

Even some men appreciate the neon colors!

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