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Men’s pigtails and braids are a relatively new term among modern stylish hairstyles. A man can look equally fashionable if his hair is not braided. When we think of pigtails we often go into flashbacks. Let me tell you that this style is no longer just for kids, in fact, there are many ways you can grow up to sports pigtails and still look chic and polished. Salons offer customers not only variety in the theme of La Garçon but also extraordinary images in the style of the series “Viking”. A variety of styles for men with braids allows you to choose to place the hair face to face, and such styles don’t always look wild, frightening, or provocative. A businessman with a “dragon” or “padawan” beanie on his head is no longer uncommon, but will soon become common. If you have long hair it is important to know some of the options available to you if you want to have some braid.

How practical are those hairstyles? What types of pigtails can men wear? Can I add a beard to my look? We’ll look at all of these questions in a review that focuses on people who aren’t afraid to experiment.

All About Latest Men’s Pigtails And Braids Trends

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Excursion Into History

The history of men’s hairstyles is reminiscent of sailing in the open ocean. Storms were replaced by calm, radically short haircuts replaced powdered wigs. A variety of styles were popular in Europe. For example, in the early Middle Ages, when the northern seas furrowed the harsh Vikings, men often put their hair in braids. For a number of nomadic peoples (Polovtsians, Mongols, Scythians, and others) such variants of hairstyles were the most practical and convenient. The brightest bearers of pigtails were North American Indians.

In some medieval cultures, pigtails in the hair and beard symbolized belonging to a military caste.

In the ancient and Middle Ages, such hairstyles were a sign of belonging to a military caste or had the status of a distinctive sign of the ruling class, as was the case with the nobles of Europe who wore wigs with booklets and plaits. From the middle of the XX century, long hair, styled in Afrokos, began to be worn by hippies and musicians, who were not popular with the conservative generation, accustomed to the difficulties and hardships of wartime.

The pigtailed wig in Victorian Europe symbolized belonging to a higher society.

Nowadays, in the film industry, podiums, and social networks are popular among men’s braids and braids. According to stylists, braids (boxing pigtails) will soon replace the brutal beards and become a new symbol of masculinity.

Types Of Men’s Hair With Pigtails

Most weaving styles can only be done in the cabin. The most difficult hairstyles with braids are woven within hours. As for the variety of weaves, it is not as large as for women but does not always require long hair.

In Russia, any braids other than braids are still a challenge to the dress code.

French Braid

French Spit is the most popular and easy way to do it. If your master will not understand to weave such braids, he is an amateur who should not be called upon anymore. Externally, this weaving resembles a spike in the head. To weave a braid is enough hair of medium length. Stylists in such a style grab the strands at the very roots and intertwine them with each other. Weave hair can be in the occipital or parietal part, and throughout the head. Wear this styling on your head can be worn for up to one week.

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Cornrows Braids

Braids or boxing pigtails are a kind of tight African braids that weave right over your head. To keep weaving tighter, the strands of hair are woven with special kanekolon threads, which are matched to the shade of hair or, conversely, contrast brightly with the natural color of the vegetation on the head. It is not uncommon for athletes to see the weave, as it retains its neat appearance for a long time. They can be woven in different directions. Often with the help of this type of weaving hairdressers create bizarre patterns on the head. To put hair in boxing pigtails men can on temples, a nape, or on all skulls. Strands can be woven along the entire length or fixed on the back of the head.

This hairstyle retains its presentable appearance from a few weeks to one month. You can wet it with water, which makes styling practical, but you can wash your hair no more than once a week. To weave the braids, it is enough to have hair 10 centimeters long.

African Pigtails

African pigtails are a kind of delusion. For styling, we use canopies, which give the hair an extravagant look. To imagine how styling looks, it is enough to remember the images of the inhabitants of African-American areas of large cities in the United States. African pigtails allow you to lengthen your hair a lot thanks to the wearable canopies. It’s easy to take care of your hair, just once a week to wash your hair with shampoo.


Dreadlocks are the most radical type of stacking, popular with the most peaceful musician, Bob Marley. There are two types of dreadlocks:

  • “Dangerous. Weave on their own hair eventually cut with them. The master will be limited by the length and color of the strands.
  • “Safe”. For their creation, artificial strands are used, intertwined with hair. The yarn palette allows you to create a unique image. As time passes, the canopies are simply removed.

Dreads, unlike other types of weaving, require more careful care. In the first month after installation, it is not worth washing your hair. Also, men will need to twist their own tangles, which will allow them to wear their hair long enough.

Who Can Braid Hair In Braids?

Men’s pigtails are still a bright and challenging hairstyle for Russia. That’s why braids are braided only by representatives of public and creative professions (musicians, actors, writers). But such hairstyles are in the order of things abroad. Athletes often put their hair in neat French braids. Fashionable braids can be seen on the heads of players, swimmers, runners, and boxers.

Athletes, who are the main consumers of hair with pigtails, are often considered style icons.

However, office workers and intellectuals should be moderate in their desires. In this case, neat geometric Brady on the back of the head or fine patterns on the temples will look spectacular, and fresh and will not hurt career growth.

The universal variant can be a thin pigtail braided on the back of the head or at the temple (“Padawan”). For example, Konstantin Tszyu with this accessory looks good both in boxing underwear in the ring and in a classic suit at a press conference. Such simple weaving is suitable for men who want not to stay in the shadow of gray everyday life, while not being strongly distinguished from their less courageous colleagues.

Self-settling with braids on men already looks “screaming”. Therefore, it may seem that the beard here will be superfluous. However, the right vegetation on the face only emphasizes the masculinity and reasonable boldness of the image. The theme will be men with braids and slight unshaven cheeks, which will give the appearance of a little grunge.

If you have a thick and long beard, you just have to weave one or more braids on it, which will elevate you to the rank of people who are oriented in fashionable directions. Stylists advise you to let go of your chin hair from 5 centimeters long and experiment boldly, creating a variety of images with braids and locks (a kind of weave).

Nowadays, men’s pigtails have become a trendy trend not only for athletes, bohemians, or hippies. Complex patterns from breeds decorate heads of eminent actors, businessmen, and simple men conducting an active way of life. It is possible to weave bizarre pigtails on a beard that will make a daily image a little belligerent, will give moderate, not causing brutality.

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