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Styling Your Outfits Like Farheen Panjwani

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Waking up in the morning and deciding what to wear today is probably the most tiring thing we do the whole day. The closet stays stacked up with clothes yet we wonder why we don’t have anything to wear! Our dressing up woes are never-ending and so are our expectations from our clothes. However, have you ever thought of wearing a dress as a kurta, top, or shrug? Well, most of us haven’t. It is pretty rare that we wear a single dress in more than one way as it is a talent that only a few possess. Farheen Panjwani is one of them.

Farheen Panjwani is a fashion blogger followed widely on Instagram. She is known for her impeccable styling sense and her eye for emerging trends. She is a perfect example of style embracing elegance in all forms. She doesn’t just know how to wear one piece of clothing in different ways but also knows how to accessorize each of them differently. From ethnic wear to chic outfits, she slays them all.

About Farheen Panjwani

Born (Date & Place) 22 September 1994, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Full Name
Farheen Panjwani
Nicknames Farheen
Height 5 Feet 6 inches
Age 28 years
Profession Model / Social Media Influencer
Religion Hinduism
Net Worth $2-5 Million

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Take Inspiration From Trend Setter Farheen Panjwani

So, here are different outfit ideas inspired by Farheen Panjwani for every possible occasion. Learn how to style a single piece of clothing in various ways from her and turn your old pile of clothes upside down.

Styling A Black Leather Skirt In Different Ways

A lot of us love leather pants and skirts but don’t know how to style them. Farheen Panjwani posted this awesome video on her Instagram showing 6 different ways in which you can style a leather skirt and look amazing. For the winter look, she wore it with a sweater and black stockings. Apart from it, she paired the skirt with a shirt, a white blazer on a sleeveless polka dots top,  a turtle neck, a white cardigan on a satin top, and a leather jacket on a silver sequin top.

Styling A Beautiful White Saree In Unique Ways

White is the color of heaven and looks just as heavenly when worn in a saree. Farheen Panjwani wore this enchanting saree in 6 different ways and we love them all. She wore it with a black cut-out crop top, white tube bralette, hot pink spaghetti blouse,  navy blue long shrug on a navy blue sleeveless blouse, white sleeveless blouse, and a black spaghetti blouse. Every look has been accessorized differently and each of them looks more enticing than ever.

Styling The Rompers

You might have thought that the rompers can only be worn in one way but Farheen Panjwani is here to prove you wrong. She paired these black and white polka dots rompers with blue high waist ripped jeans and with a black skirt. This is how you get two more outfits from your rompers that you got bored of long ago. So pull them out and style them like Farheen!

Styling A Shirt Dress

Farheen Panjwani styled this shirt dress in 4 different ways and we literally can’t make out that it’s the same dress in all 4 outfits! Apart from wearing it like a regular dress, She wore it like a shirt kurta on black pants and accessorized it with a belt on top of the kurta. She wore it like a shrug on a black tank top and blue jeans. She also wore it with a high-waist denim skirt and accessorized it with a belt. She looked super gorgeous in all 4 outfits and so would you while you try these out.

Styling A Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are the classic Summer favorite of all girls. This denim mini skirt is a multi-faceted piece of clothing that goes with multiple designs and colors. Farheen Panjwani styled her denim skirt in 9 different ways and we can’t get over her sense of fashion and styling. From denim on denim look to simple shirts and tops, check out the different styles that you can pull off with one denim skirt.

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Styling A Satin Dress

Styling a plain satin dress in 6 different ways is an art that Farheen Panjwani possesses with precision. She paired this blue satin dress with a white knotted shirt, a leopard print belt, a black shirt, a black skirt, and a black blazer. The dress looked extremely different in most of them which is astonishing. She has also paired the outfits with coordinated footwear and amazing accessories.

Styling A Button Down Dress

Farheen Panjwani wore this button-down dress in 4 different ways and all of them look awe-striking in all senses. Apart from wearing it in a simple manner, she used it as a shrug with blue jeans and a white t-shirt, black jeans and blacktop and a short grey dress. The dress went perfectly well with all three outfits and we wonder why we never thought of doing this before.

Styling A Midi Dress

This white side slit polka dots midi dress is a simple yet alluring outfit to wear during summer days. But is this the only possibility of wearing it? Clearly not for Farheen.  These 6 outfit ideas by Farheen Panjwani on how to wear this dress in different ways are what we were looking for. She paired the dress with a blazer, and a denim jacket and accessorized it with a belt to give it a unique look. She also paired it with white pants and a dupatta and a golden long skirt and dupatta to give it an ethnic look. She accessorized each of the outfits differently giving it a fresh vibe every time.

Styling A Pleated Dress

Farheen Panjwani wore a pleated dress in 6 different ways from which you can choose the style you would love to carry. Apart from wearing it normally, she wore it with a knotted t-shirt on top, a turtle neck top, a blazer, and a sweater. Pick the style that matches your sense of fashion and rock it as Farheen does in every outfit.  Accessorize the outfits like hers or add a personal touch to them by choosing whatever suits you.

Styling A Blazer Co-ords

When we buy a pair of Co-ords, we generally stick to wearing them together. However, Farheen Panjwani posted this video on her Instagram in which she styled her Mint Green Co-ords individually with other pieces of clothing and created 10 different outfits. You can also wear your co-ords individually and create different styles just like her. Check out this video and get inspired by these eye-catching outfits.

So, here were 10 Styling Tips and Ideas inspired by Farheen Panjwani to wear the same piece of clothing in various styles. Accessorize your outfits like hers and give your old dresser a new look.


1. What type of clothing items does Farheen Panjwani usually wear?

Answer: Farheen Panjwani usually wears a mix of classic and contemporary clothing items such as dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, blouses, skirts, and tops. She often pairs these items with bright colors and bold prints.

2. How does Farheen Panjwani accessorize her outfits?

Answer: Farheen Panjwani loves to accessorize her outfits with statement jewelry pieces, colorful scarves, and stylish hats. She also likes to add a touch of glamour to her look with bold makeup and hairstyles.

3. What type of shoes does Farheen Panjwani wear?

Answer: Farheen Panjwani often wears shoes that are stylish and comfortable. She loves to wear high heels, flats, and sneakers.

4. What is Farheen Panjwani’s style philosophy?

Answer: Farheen Panjwani’s style philosophy is to dress for her body type, wear what she loves, and never be afraid to experiment. She believes that fashion should be fun and that it should reflect her personality.

5. How does Farheen Panjwani create her signature look?

Answer: Farheen Panjwani creates her signature look by mixing and matching different pieces to create a unique and stylish ensemble. She loves to mix classic and modern pieces and also likes to add her own personal touch to her outfits.

6. What are some of Farheen Panjwani’s go-to items?

Answer: Farheen Panjwani’s go-to items for any look include a black blazer, ankle boots, and a little black dress. She also loves to accessorize with statement jewelry and hats.

7. Does Farheen Panjwani have any beauty secrets?

Answer: Farheen Panjwani relies on simple beauty secrets such as using natural ingredients for her skincare routine and a daily SPF moisturizer. She also likes to keep her makeup minimal and use bright, bold colors for her nails.

8. What style tips does Farheen Panjwani have for her followers?

Answer: Farheen Panjwani encourages her followers to experiment with their style, wear what they love, and never be afraid to make a statement with their looks. She also recommends investing in quality pieces that will last a long time.

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