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Before you go to your next nail appointment, we want you to explore all your options. You must have heard of gel nail art, animal-themed nails, acrylic nails, and the list go on. But we are here to introduce you to a new type of nail art that’ll bring the inner wildness in you, Graffiti nail art. “Graffiti nail art? Isn’t graffiti something that you spray on the walls and that you see on street walls?” Yup. But why not graffiti your nails? So, buckle up and get ready to get hit by inspiration for your next appointment.

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Try These Trendy Graffiti Nail Art Designs

Splatter On A Platter

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Splatter On A Platter
Image Source: katiedutra

Splatters can be messy but when done right, they can look oh-so-gorgeous. To get the look below combine some neon polishes in your favorite color and swirl them and just splatter away. To tie the whole look together, paint the other hand black or the splattered color and it will look amazing.

Neon Moment

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Neon Moment
Image Source: loispreston

Neons always manage to light up the room and brighten up everything. Use some neon colors of your choice to create a whimsical look and have fun. Even if you mess up, take a deep breath and keep going, because it does not matter. Bring out your imagination and let it take over.

Stick Them Stickers

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Stick Them Stickers
Image Source:  Melissa_teamfuzion

Once you get the hang of doing graffiti nail art or if you have asked and gotten a thousand different graffiti art, why don’t you get some stickers and stick them? Stickers are an amazing way to take your nails to another level and they can take average nail art to a gorgeous one.

Art Of Hearts

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Art Of Hearts
Image Source: Katie Masters

If all else fails, get some colors and a fine brush and paint on some hearts. What can go wrong? These designs are so simple and you can use different colors to give it a more charming look. Be sure to add some splatters here and there to get that graffiti vibe. Get a base coat, paint it on, draw the hearts, add some details to make it more intricate and unique, and add a transparent coat on top of it.

Splish Splash

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Splish Splash
Image Source: Amy Rickaby

Splatters can be quite eccentric but if you put your heart into it then we promise you that it is going to look quirky. To get the look below, choose some pastel colors and swirl them and once dried, take black nail polish and have a go at it.

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Trippy And Drippy

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Trippy And Drippy
Image Source: Get Nailed

Choose some bold designs that you like and use bold colors to make them more trippy and drippy. This look is surely psychedelic. This look will surely remind you of your favorite graffiti art.

Street Nail Art

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Street Nail Art
Image Source: Oleksandra

This look is just basically a cut and paste of a graffiti wall that you like. For this look, paint your nails like the street walls and basically just paint your favorite art that you like.

New York State Of Mind

New York State Of Mind
Image Source: katiedutra

This look is for someone who likes New York. All you need is to find your favorite things about New York and just have a go at them on your nails. Make sure to do all your prints bright and bold.

Sick Nails

Sick Nails
Image Source: Manchester

This look is just badass and all you need is some neon polishes, a base coat of your choice, black nail polish, and a fine brush for outlining. Now, draw the letters individually on your nails and add the colors of your liking and make sure to outline the nails and add some details and now you are ready to flaunt your nails.

Hearts All-Around

Hearts All Around
Image Source: Lydia

Get these fanciful hearts on your nails. To get this look below all you need is a base coat, a color of your choice and just draw these hearts on a favorite nail shape of your choice.

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Pink In Love

Pink In Love
Image Source: Taryn VanAlfen

Get some hot pink nail polish, some other nail polishes with the colors of your choice. Paint a few fingers with the hot pink nail polish plainly and highlight the others by doing some favorite designs of your choice and you are done.

Decorated Nails

Decorated Nails
Image Source: Sigourney Nunez

Take your graffiti nail art onto another level by adding some rhinestones or beads and other embellishments of your choice that give them a more intense look. These nails are just enough to tie your whole outfit and they will surely add some depth to your style without overdoing it.

Red, Blue, And White

Red, Blue And White
Image Source: ceri

These three colors compliment each other very well and we urge you to use them in your next nail appointment. Another way to make the designs pop is by adding some glitters to make it a more chic look.

Go Crazy On Your Nails

Go Crazy On Your Nails
Image Source: Maddy Ayers

This look is for the laid-back people. So, take some nail polishes and just paint whatever you want to paint. Your nails are your canvas and all you need to do is not to stop your creativity. So, just have all the fun and make it colorful.

Shiny Nails

Shiny Nails
Image Source: allured

As we said earlier,  choose a graffiti design of your choice on one hand and add some rhinestones of your choice on the other hand. This will surely class up your nails and your look.

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Pastel Color Splash

Now if you’re thinking of playing with colors this season then we’ve got you the prettiest design of all. With a matte white base, this design has got all the colors sprinkled on each nail – starting from orange, purple, green, blue, yellow, and whatnot. It looks like all the colors have come together in one place!

Graffiti Nail Art Pastel Color Splash
Image Source: Monica O

The Bee Hive Nails

Now the reason why the name given above is definitely the color palette used here – the colors black, white and yellow look like what a bee has. The way these colors have been used gives out a sprinkling effect or what we call sprinkling art. These could be your go-to trendy nails!

Graffiti Nail Art The Bee Hive Nails
Image Source: Mo Qin

Color Me Purple And Blue

Now, this is a rather simpler design than the ones you saw above. With a light blue base, we have purple color sprinkled over on top. The color combination of both purple and light blue is for all the wins here! You could definitely go for this design if you’re getting your nails done for the first time or are looking for something very simple yet chic.

Graffiti Nail Art Color Me Purple And Blue
Image Source: Cibele Carregari

The Em Nail Art

Now, as the name suggests and as you can see in the picture – this design has the letter E and M written on two nails in a very funky font style. You could even make any initial of your choice. This is the kind of font used in making graffiti that is quite typical and trendy. The use of neon green colors adds a pop to the design. The translucent base is what makes the design stand out.

Graffiti Nail Art The Em Nail Art
Image Source: Emilygilmour

The Blue And White Mix

The color combination used here is blue and white which is pretty common as they go well with each other. You can also see a pinch of black nail paint on some of the nails. What’s unique about this design is that you can see some famous pokemon drawn on a few nails. I mean how cute does it look? So all the Pokemon lovers, where are you at?

Graffiti Nail Art The Blue And White Mix
Image Source: duck_nails

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Add Colors To Your Nails

Here’s yet another colorful design for you. The colors used here are turquoise, black, navy blue, and dark pink which is quite not common but these colors definitely blend in well together. The design has been made on a translucent base. The nails have been given a glossy finish.

Graffiti Nail Art Add Colors To Your Nails
Image Source: Philippa Green

The Silhouette Nails

This design’s absolutely beautiful and unique. As the name and design suggest, what you see here are silhouettes drawn on every nail. For those who don’t know – a silhouette is an outline that appears dark against a light background. The pop of neon colors here definitely eyes catchy. This design has to be on your nail art bucket list! 

Graffiti Nail Art The Silhoutte Nails
Image Source: Nail stylist

The Funky Letter Nail Art

Here’s another letter of graffiti inspiration for you all. The base used here is matte white. The letters on top of it have been filled with three shades which are merging at the ends of each color giving the nails a very chic look. The three colors used here are yellow, pink, and blue but you could even choose any three colors of your own choice. There’s also a heart drawn in one of the nails using a similar color combination. If you’re looking for something funky and colorful, you just caught hold of a super cool design!

The Funky Letter Nail Art
Image Source: Lacquer Room Nail

Neon On My Nails

Guess we got all the neon lovers’ attention right here! With different color combinations used for each nail – this has to be the brightest nail art of all! The base used here is matte white which makes all the colors used to pop out very prominently. A wide variety of colors have been used here – starting from neon green, yellow, blue, purple, and basically a whole load of bright colors.

Neon On My Nails
Image Source: Becky Marlow

Pastel Pop

If you’re thinking of using some light and calming shades on your nails – then this should be the right fit for you. Pastel colors would never go out of trend! The color palette here is pastel purple, Patel pink, and turquoise. These colors have been used as a base on bare nails and have been topped off with some candy-like designs using black nail shade on top of it.

Pastel Pop
Image Source: Magda

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The Goofy Nail Art

Guess some of your Disney world fantasies have finally come to sight for goofy is here to make your nails stand out! This nail art is entirely dedicated to the Disney character goofy. For those who don’t know – goofy is a cartoon character created by The Walt Disney Company. He is also a close friend to the other famous characters of the Disney world – Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. In this design, we have the name of goofy written combined on two nails and also a picture drawn of him on one of the nails. We also have some embellishments used along with sprinkling art on the other nails.

The Goofy Nail Art
Image Source: Trap_nails

The Baddie Vibe Nail Art

Here’s a design that gives all the baddie vibes out there! The neon green and pink shade are really standing out here. And this has to be the funkiest design of all. Real graffiti wall feels right on your nails!

The Baddie Vibe Nail Art
Image Source: elinameskalin

Just Queenin’

The perfect design for you gorgeous girls is up here because you all are nothing but a bunch of Queens! The funky eyes and lip-drawn here look super cool. The base here used is a mixture of blue and purple which actually looks like a galaxy. The main highlight here is the word queen which has been written on three nails combined. We also have tiny embellishments on the edge of a few nails. Your go-to queenin’ look!

Just Queenin'
Image Source: Stephanie Armstead

Let White Splash All Over

Calling out all the black lovers here! With matte black as a base, here we have colors splashed over again which has again been topped off by another layer of white nail paint. A funky and trendy nail design yet again.

Let White Splash All Over
Image Source:Amy Martin

back In the Year 2000

So one of the biggest trends that were too quick to go viral this year almost on every social media platform was the Y2K or year 2000 trend wherein people dressed up as if they were in the year 2000. From funky outfits to clay nails and of course – nail art inspired by the same theme. So this design has to be the trendiest of all. It gives out all the funky vibes and lures us back down to the year 2000.

back To Year 2000
Image Source: BeautByBee

So that’s all we had for you gorgeous ladies. I hope this article proved to be helpful and that you were able to find your nail inspiration and are about to get your graffiti nail art done asap! Because if life gives you all the nail polishes, make nail art!

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Black and pink graffiti nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Black and pink graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Dulciepatricia

Various graffiti patterns are made using pink and black nail polish over the nude nail paint. We can crown, diamonds, fire, and lightning bolts in black used in this below graffiti-inspired nail artwork.

Street style graffiti nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Street style graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Arina Barilova SPB

The below nail art design has free street-style graffiti patterns. But we also have two Hello Kittys drawn on the nails. Weird markings are made on the fingernails using black and the whole theme has pink, white, and red mostly.

Gold foils graffiti nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Gold foils graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Glambygi

Golf nail foils have been used for the below nail art design. Patterns like stars are made on some of the nails over pink nail polish and then some weird patterns are drawn above the combination of white, blue, yellow, and pink nail paints on the rest.

Colour splash graffiti nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Colour splash graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Bianka

The combination of variations in colors such as blue, pink, yellow, green, red, orange, etc., are used to splatter or splash spots over the white matte nail polish. This reminds us of the festival of Holi and that would be a suitable occasion for the below nail artwork.

Alphabets graffiti nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Alphabets graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Ashley Cristobal

The base coat for this nail art design is done using matte grey nail paint and various colors like blue, green, pink, red, and orange stripes are made on it; huge English alphabets are drawn above the base coat to form words “MAKE LOVE”.

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Graffiti abstract nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Graffiti abstract nail art design
Image Source: ER Beauty

This is such a unique and beautiful nail art design. Patterns are made using black, purple, light orange, and blue. Then gold nail foils are stitched above the patterns with black dots.

Bright patterns graffiti nail art designs

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Bright patterns graffiti nail art designs
Image Source: Algae Veronica

Characters such as mouths, hearts, splashes, and walls can be seen and they are painted using pink, green, orange, red, yellow, and black nail polish. Trying this funky design will make you look bold.

Scratches graffiti nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Scratches graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Nail Mamka

The base coat is done with nude shiny nail polish. Then scratch-like patterns are made over that base coat using black, pink, and yellow graffiti-like paint.

White and black scratch graffiti nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs White and black scratch graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Crazzy Nailz

Two-color combinations such as blue and pink are used to coat the fingernails. Then scratch-like patterns are drawn using graffiti-like paint using black and white. You should give it a try for something chic.

Black and white checkered graffiti nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Black and white checkered graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Graffiti Nail Bar

Wave-like patterns are made using pink, blue, orange, and white nail polish over the nude base paint. Then below that, checkered and stripes markings were made using black and white.

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Colorful lines graffiti nail art design

Image Source: Ja’Car Spa Haven LLC

Nude-pink nail paint is used as the base coat. The index and the middle fingernails of one hand and the middle and ring nails of the other have stripes of beautiful colors over them in pink, yellow, blue, and orange color.

Letters and love graffiti nail art design

Graffiti Nail Art Designs Letters and love graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Elevated Nails

Looks like love is in the air for this below nail art design. Various hearts are made using blue, pink, red, yellow and orange over the white base coat and then English letters like D, A, R, I, u and s drawn over them.

Another love themed graffiti nail art design

Another love themed graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Jama Baynes Nail Tech

Major nail paint used in this design is deep pink, black and white. The white-nude base coat is used on all nails and then square box patterns are made in black. Then we have the bold pink, white and black hearts painted on above.

Rainbow graffiti nail art design

Rainbow graffiti nail art design
Image Source: Pietu Lyytinen

You can feel the vibe of the space or the universe from this below nail art design. Matte black nail paint is used as the base and using bold colors such as pink, yellow, blue, red, and green weird rainbow patterns are made above that black base.

Blue graffiti nail art design

Blue graffiti nail art design
Image Source: demi kijser

Blue and black are the major nail colors here over the nude base coats and different alphabets are used to draw using that blue and black with a beautiful butterfly and crown.

Whatever design you choose to do, please promise us one thing, that you will have fun throughout the process. These looks will surely make you like a funky hipster and will bring your wild side out. Another great thing about nail art is that you can choose the shape of your nails and work accordingly. For some looks, shorter nails are better than long pointy nails. But remember to choose a nail shape that works for you and that doesn’t get in your way. With proper care, these looks will surely enhance and give you a confidence boost. So what are you waiting for?

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