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One of the major organs in the body that cover most part of the body is Skin. It is majorly divided into four divisions, the first type is Normal skin, the second type is Oily skin, third is the Dry skin and the fourth is the Combined type. So, many skin types need to be taken care of in a very sensitive way. As skin once damaged takes a hard time to repair skin after it gets damaged.

So, it is better to give it the nourishment it deserves. We should follow three steps of skincare daily so that our skin keeps on rejuvenating itself. To take care of our skin properly we should give massage our skin regularly, clean it regularly, and apply a few masks on the skin. But let us keep that in care that these products do not harm our skin and are totally organic.

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To keep that in the care we need to find a few companies that promote the use of Indian natural things. A few famous skincare products in India that take care of all the things mentioned above are:

Shahnaz Husain

It is famous since our parent’s time. So, when it comes to gaining trust this company has gained a great amount. The products from her brand are regarded as organic ones, that take care of the skin properly and keep it in check. They take all the treasure India got from Mother Nature and use it to give nourishment to the skin.

It is available online at Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa stores. You can buy from the official online stores that are You can find some stores that also sell Shahnaz Husain’s products offline.


An Indian brand founded by Mrs. Vinita Jain in the early 90s. This brand has a great image amongst their buyers to give natural products. They guarantee to produce the products from natural ingredients. The products from Biotique are free from chemicals and are really said to have a great effect on the skin. This is a great deal from the brand, it’s affordable, and it’s effective on the skin too.

You can buy products online through their official website that is To check great deals on shopping these skincare products through sites like Amazon, Nykaa, BigBasket, and purpelle. These products are available for purchase in departmental stores at malls.

Khadi Natural

Khadi concept in India was introduced a long ago, it was considered the purest form of clothing and the most affordable way. So, this brand is introduced under the Indian ministry for MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises) which produces herbal products for people. The products from them are really organic and are said to give a positive result. The products from khadi can take care of our skin better than the chemical-containing products. And an added benefit of no allergies on the skin is there too.

You can buy them from shopping malls as there are stores like Big Bazaar and spencer which keep popular materials with them. But if you want to buy it online then contact It has some online platforms like, to back their online availability.

Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya Herbals the name “Himalaya” is taken from the famous mountain covering Indian boundaries. It is believed that the Himalayas contains all the minerals, herbs, and natural antibiotics. The same is claimed by the company, it is said that the products from Himalaya herbals contain any harsh chemicals. The products made by them have has all the products derived from mother nature.

Himalaya Herbals has its personalized stores or showrooms and they tie up with other shops and stores too, when it comes to buying and selling the stuff. It also has an online website where you can select and purchase skincare products for your skin that is Even it has some online platforms like,, and supporting this brand.

Neemli Naturals

Do we give the required amount of attention to our skin? The right amount of nourishment and care can only be given to our skin if we use products derived from nature. The same is with Neemli Naturals, a brand that comes from Mumbai. They produce all their products out of mother nature, which can totally respect your skin and not harm it. They are known for making great oils for the face, with this they believe that beauty has actual no filters and it can happy if it is in mother nature’s lap. The main core philosophy of this skincare is also based on transparency.

You can buy products from Neemli naturals through amazon, Nykaa and too. You can contact the official website that is for products.

Ilana Organics

The products from this company also promise to be all pure and made up of all-natural products. But it brightens up the skin real great. It has a great impact on oily skin types especially. They are known to smell great.

Few online stores like Amazon, Nykaa, the skin store, and vanity wagon are here to sell these products from Ilana organics to you. But if you are interested in shopping from the official website then buy it from

Juicy Chemistry

As the name says juicy chemistry the products from this brand have great chemistry with skin. This brand is based in Coimbatore and is famous to make small products from natural ingredients, without any preservatives. When it was asked by the founder about this company his remarks were, a gift from mother nature is healthy and pure, people can not replace this beauty with the one produced in the laboratories. They are quite famous because of their clause of transparency and the term of not causing harm to marine life.

The online official website to buy Juicy Chemistry products is You can contact stores like amazon, Nykaa to buy them online.

Pure Earth

As the name says Earth respecting, the products from this brand are all guaranteed to be produced from all gifts of Earth. That means they are harmless, totally organic, and will make your skin feel good. The products from this brand rejuvenate skin so well.

You can buy from online official website that is You can contact through amazon, beauty sources,s and Nykaa to buy these products too.

Raw Beauty

A brand from Jalandhar with all the essence of mitti (soil). The feeling of not treating skin with cruelty, but giving skin a touch of nature is what this brand wants. They make products that are free from chemicals. The founder of this brand believes in making and promoting green this can be only done by using organic products from them. They know that these products can be kept for a short time, so they provide you ample amount of skincare products from them that can be used.

You can buy from online official website that is You can contact through amazon and Nykaa to buy these products too.

Forever Earth

The founder of this branch is a real lover of science who has worked with denatured proteins in a real biotech lab. Who knows the value of Organic products, brand says that they aim on giving people a glimpse of nature through their products.

You can buy from an online official website that is You can contact through amazon, and Nykaa to buy these products too.

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